New Generation Tyre

Sealant Technology

Our Product Will Save You Time and Money

Reduces Wear and Tear Through Cooling Effect

Drastically Reduces Chances of Failure and Blowouts

Reseals and Reveals Punctures Immediately

Other product info and features

wonderseal is manufactured locally and is proudly south african

Wonderseal is a tyre cooling agent

Wonderseal is a non-latex tyre sealant

wonderseal does not dry out inside the tyres throughout their lifetime




How it works?

Simply insert Wonderseal through the air valve and then as you drive the centrifugal forces evenly distribute Wonderseal throughout the inside of your tyres and the rims

Wonderseal is an anti-rust, high tech porosity sealer that is garenteed to retain constant tyre pressure for 3 months and is an immediate puncture resealant and indicator